Download UKTVNow Kodi I 2018 Updated Method

Downloading UkTVNow Kodi is a child’s play. Anyone could do it. Below, I am going to show you how exactly you can start UkTVNow on Kodi. UkTVNow is a fantastic application that lets you watch and stream live TV from any country you want. There is also a massive selection of channels that you can go through. And best of all? It is free.

Install UkTVNow Kodi step by step.

Step 1:

  • First, you need to install the UkTVNow on your device from here. Then make sure you remember the downloaded folder.
  • Afterwards, open your Kodi’s home screen. There, look at the bottom left. There, tap on “Add-ons.”
UKTVNow Kodi

UKTVNow Kodi

  • Then, click on the blue box.

Step 2:

  • Then, scroll down and tap on “Install from zip file”. This section is where you will install UkTVNow Kodi.
UkTVNow Kodi ZIP File

UkTVNow Kodi Download ZIP File

  • Next, find the folder in which you saved the zip file. You need to select the UKTVNow ZIP.
  • Then go into the same directory. Once you locate the file, select it. It should be
UKTVNow Kodi Install Zip Directory

UKTVNow Kodi Install Zip Directory

  • Once you do the above steps, UKTVNow will be download on your Kodi. You will also get a notification on the top right of your screen. This notification should signify that UKTVNow is now installed.

Step 3:

  • Head back to the home screen now. Next, select Add-ons. From there, go to “Video Add-ons.”
UKTVNow APK Video Add On

Installed Add-ons

  • Under this, you will see all the installed add-ons. Then you should also see UKTVNow here. You can select an Add-on to run it. Select UKTVNow to run it.
  • Afterwards, UKTVNow will display the various categories that it has. It includes many classes. Then you can see these different types of groups in the picture below.
UKTVNow Kodi

Types of Groups

  • Afterwards, you can select whichever genre you are interested in, and you can watch it.

Step 4:

  • Once you select a particular channel out of the genre, it begins downloading channel data.
  • Then, you can select which channel you wish to watch by number.
  • Once finished, the loading will take place. Within a few minutes, depending on your internet speed, a stream will appear. UKTVNow is live TV right on your Kodi. The stream’s rate will depend on how fast your Internet speed is.

Have fun watching TV on your UKTVNow for Kodi. And that is how you get UKTVNow on your Kodi. Enjoy the various benefits of this application!

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