How to Install UkTVNow on Amazon FireStick I Step By Step

UKTVNow is a fantastic streaming application. It is available for most devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Kodi, etc. It allows you to surf unlimited channels. UKTVNow Firestick version allows you to watch UKTVNow on your TV.

UkTVNow Firestick Successs

You can watch anything you wish from various countries. Pretty neat isn’t it? You can use the filter to filter out the states you do not want to view. Then, you can watch the ones you wish.

With UkTVNow APK, you can surf the channels and countries of your choice. You might discover new TV shows. Below, I am going to show you how correctly you can install UkTVNow Firestick 2017. Let us proceed.

How To Download UkTvNow Firestick?

Step 1: At First, connect your Amazon fire stick to your device.

Then, you need to enable unknown sources. For this, you will have to go into your phone’s settings. This setting protects your device by not allowing you to download from anonymous sources.

Afterward, go into settings by opening the left side menu. Then go into System. Scroll down and find a setting called “Developer Options.”

Then, merely enable download from Unknown Sources. Afterward, press Ok if any error message comes. You are now about to install UKTVNow Firestick.

Step 2: Then head back to the main menu. You will need to search for ES Explorer in the search field.

Just put in the words ES Explorer, and you are right. Search for it. Once you find it in the results, scroll down and select it.

Then, click on download to get it on Amazon fire stick. You are one step closer to installing UKTVNow on your Firestick!

UkTVNow Firestick Favorites

Add UKTVNow on the favorites.

Step 3: Now, head over to ES Explorer. Then open that application. In the home interface, click on the side menu. Scroll down and find the favorite.

Under Favorite, tap on “Add.”

Add Name UKTVNow Firestick

Add Name UKTVNow Firestick

Then, you will see an interface asking you for the pathway. It will also ask for the name. Put in “UKTVNow” in both the fields and you are good to go. It will add UKTVNow on the favorites. Tap on “Add,” and you are done.

Step 4: Head over to favorites, scroll down to find UKTVNow and select it. After you tap it, it should start downloading UKTVNow on your Firestick. If you did everything correctly, it should begin the download.

Sometimes you may get a blank screen. In that case, you will need to click on “more” on the bottom right of the screen. From there, tap on “open in the browser.”

It will open it in the browser. There, you must select ES Browser. The download process will now begin. It will be visible on the screen. Wait patiently for its completion. When it is done, you can open the file.

Step 5: That is all, now you have to select “Install” from the bottom right of the screen. Once you install it, you can open it now or later. That is all.

You can now totally surf UKTVNow on your Firestick with no issues whatsoever. Enjoy unlimited and quality streaming of television.

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