UKTVNow APK is being considered one of the best live streaming applications on Android. The users are allowed to watch their favorite stream from 9 different categories – Entertainment, Sports, Movies, News, Kids, Music, Documentary, Food, and Religious. Users can access various countries and their channels. Regarding function, it is pretty similar to Live NetTV. However, UKTVNow APK is pretty different because it is much easier to use.


What is UKTVNow APK App

UKTVNow APK allows you to watch your favorite streams from around the world. UkTVNow has come a long way. Millions of people use it. It has features that only a few can compete with it.

The basic idea is the provide a user with seamless and immersive TV experience. There is no sign-up, there are no monthly charges. You can just begin watching TV from different countries. All you have to do is install UkTVNow APK – Free Live TV Channel App.

You will be able to catch whatever Live television that is coming. Due to some crazy reason, this amazing application is not available on the Play store. You can only access it by downloading it unofficially. Unofficial downloads mean downloading by APK. Now some of you may not know what an APK is.

An APK is the file format in which Android apps exist. So in case you want to install the UkTVNow app, you will need the APK. Various websites and app stores let you download APK of different applications. UkTVNow APK download tutorial is pronged into three parts.

I will take you through downloading an APK installer as well. You will need to have an APK installer before you attempt to install the  UKTVNow APK file. UkTVNow is an amazing streaming application. It is an awesome application to have. We all get bored in buses and trains. But with UkTVNow you can watch TV anywhere you want.

As long as you have a fast enough internet, you will never miss your TV again. So for this tutorial, I will show you how to get UkTVNow APK on your device.

Before We Begin

Please ensure that your Android is over 4.0. You must also note that UKTVNow for Android APK is not available in the Play store. You can use this application with your Kodi. Also, You can use it on your PC as well if you prefer a large screen. And if you want a large screen, you can even chromecast it.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

UKTvNow APK Unknown Sources Enable Android

UKTvNow APK-UnknownSources-Enable Android

  • The first step to installing UKTVNow APK on your device is pretty simple. First, you need to enable downloads from unknown sources.
  • Then, just open your phone and go into settings. In settings, navigate towards security. There, scroll down and find the “Unknown Sources” tab and tap on it.
  • Once you activate download from unknown sources, you will be able to install UKTVNow APK on your device.
  • Most Android devices come with this feature because they want to protect your device from viruses. Installing applications from sources other than the play store can be dangerous.
  • However, it is up to you in the end. You should always be careful about from where you download your APK files. If you are not, your device could be infected with malware. If you do not activate the Unknown sources settings, you will not be able to proceed.
  • Once you have enabled unknown sources, proceed.

Step 2: Download The APK

  • Then you get to Download the UkTVNow APK on your device. It is straightforward. APK files are made accessible to distribute, download and share. Moreover, they are extremely easy to install as well. Hence, APK files are always compact and light in size.
  • So, just head on to this site. Here, you will be able to find the desired APK file. As always, scan the UKTVNow APK file first. And make sure it is the latest version as well. Trying to stream TV from an older version will not work correctly.
  • Afterward, wait for the download to begin. The download will not take very long. Make sure you remember the exact location of the downloaded APK.

Step 3: Download APK Installer

  • APK installer is an application that will help you install the UKNowTV app on your device. It specializes in installing APK format files. To do this, just open Google Play.
  • On the Play store, search for the keywords “APK INSTALLER” and hit search. You will get many results. Then pick the one that you like and tap on install.
  • Wait for the APK installer to finish installing. Once it has finished installing, it is time to install the APK on your device. The APK installer is handy so let it be.

Step 4: Install The APK

  • At first, install the UKTVNow APK on your device. It is pretty easy. You need to start with your APK installer. Open it up. When you open it, you will see a list of apps which are available to install. It will list all available APK files on your device
  • You should see UKTVNow APK on the list. Make sure it is the latest version and press Install APK. Once the installation starts, you need to follow it as you would typically follow an installation. Follow the onscreen instructions and let it install. Let it take its time.
  • Once it finishes, you will be able to launch the UKTVNow APK for android app. Simply press launch.
UKTvNow APK Channels

UKTvNow APK Channels

That is all; once you have installed it, you can run it without issues. This application will allow you to stream any live channels you wish. You can stream over ten different countries. UKTVNow APK even enables you to catch live sports matches from any part of the world.

UKTVNow APK Features


You will be able to watch movies, shows, documentaries, sports shows, news. Watch it all for any country you wish. You can even search for movies of different countries and discover a new taste in movies.

  • You can also search and report certain channels that you do not like.
  • UKTVNow is one of the best streaming services available today, and the best part is, it is free. It will not charge you a single buck for availing the services. Watch thousands of TV shows at your fingertips for free.
  • You even get to follow schedules of TV shows. Add favorites to certain channels if you wish to do so.
  • You don’t require a lot to run this amazing application. A running and fast internet connection is required. If you have that, you can stream anything you want, anywhere you want. Nobody will stop you.
  • We all know that these streaming applications and their inbuilt video players are not good. UKTVNow allows you to manually select your video player before you start streaming a channel. You can use MX player if you wish, you can even use VLC. Their inbuilt player is pretty good as well.
  • You don’t even have to register. And if a certain link to a channel fails, UKTVNow for Android provides you with multiple links. So in case, you cannot run a particular link, you always have back up. This means that your entertainment is nonstop and uninterrupted.
  • You can even change the country or sort channels by genre. You have a whole host of settings to personalize your UkTVNow for Android experience.
  • UKTVNow APK is truly the best streaming applications out there in today’s date. It neatly divides the genre, so you do not have to worry about it. If you want to enjoy streaming on your android, then UKTVNow APK for Android is the way to go.

So that was the tutorial on how to install and run UKTVNow for Android APK. Enjoy streaming!